VDT: VHDL Developer’s Toolkit

VDT is a VHDL front end and plus alpha. The toolkit was developed to support fast and easy development and integration of VHDL application tools. The toolkit is based on a object-oriented data model. The data model supports the full set of IEEE Standard 1076-1987 and 1076-1993 syntax and semantics.

CDFG: Control Data Flow Graph Toolset

CDFG(Control-Data Flow Graph) is essential data structure for high level synthesis and HW/SW partitioning. CDFG tool is to utilize CDFG with VHDL and C. CDFG tool has VHDL to CDFG generator, CDFG to VHDL or C translator, CDFG viewer, and CDFG parser.

INSPIRE: VHDL Event-driven Simulator

Inspire is a set of tools that are needed to simulate VHDL descriptions. It includes as base tools a VHDL compiler, a waveform analyzer, and a VHDL source level debugger. In its Windows version, it also includes a symbol editor and a schematic editor as graphical interface for design.